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A Night of Song and Stories: mxmtoon's Unforgettable Sold-Out LA Show


Eager with anticipation, fans of singer-songwriter, mxmtoon, waited patiently for her arrival at The Echo in Los Angeles, as part of her sold-out U.S. tour, the plum blossom (revisited) tour. 

As the lights went down and a spotlight was put on her microphone, mxmtoon took the stage and was greeted by screams and cheers that filled the venue. Unlike most artists who immediately begin their set after the cheers slightly die down, mxmtoon took the time to introduce herself and talk with her audience about how excited she was to be in Los Angeles. Soon enough she started her set with “the idea of you” and the crowd was ecstatic, singing the song word for word.


Engaging in casual conversations and sharing meaningful stories behind her songs, mxmtoon created an intimate atmosphere that felt like hanging out with friends, rather than simply being an artist and fan. As she talked in between songs, the artist shared insight into the creative process she encountered as she was now revisiting songs after living and experiencing a bit more in her life in comparison to her 17-year-old self who wrote the original songs. The setlist was an indirect journey through mxmtoon's music career, from the heartfelt melancholy of "sad disco,” to the acoustic renditions of popular songs like "fever dream" and “mona lisa.” Despite the need to improvise due to a luggage mishap, mxmtoon was still able to maintain the unserious, yet heartfelt, demeanor that her fans know and love her for, even joking about feeling like a camp counselor as she was playing acoustic versions of her songs while the crowd sang along, which fans welcomed!


From joking with fans to singing an unreleased song that expressed the difficulties of trying to go against those who portray “picture-perfect” lives, the evening reached an emotional peak as mxmtoon sang a few songs she expressed connected to her identity and credited her fans for creating a supportive community that accepted her for who she is. Not only this, but during her performance of “Stuck,” a song she wrote about the struggle of being intersectional as a bisexual Asian American, a fan project moved mxmtoon to tears, disrupting the song and prompting a restart. As she began to sing the lines of her popular song, fans turned on their flashlights with pink, blue, and purple paper hearts held against them. Bringing more emphasis to how much of a community mxmtoon’s fans have been for not those within the community. The emotional connection between the artist and fans became the highlight of the night, underscoring the impact of mxmtoon's music on her dedicated audience. 

As the night drew to a close with the anthemic "prom dress,” cheers filled the venue, signaling the end of a truly unforgettable show.

However, after leaving the stage, fans screamed at the top of their lungs trying to bring the singer back and soon enough an encore followed, featuring a cover of "Riptide," a playful moment that united the artist and her fans in song. And with heartfelt thanks, mxmtoon bid farewell to the audience, leaving The Echo resonating with echoes of cheers and appreciation. The plum blossom (revisited) tour's LA stop showcased not only mxmtoon's musical prowess, but also the genuine connection she shares with her fans, creating an evening filled with laughter, tears, and unforgettable moments.





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